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Bebi Dol: Fantasy

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If it's a love thang, it's a jinx thang
If it's a sex thang, it's a jinx thang;
keeps coming back to you like - boomerang -

- Your smile so warm and tender, your eyes are ocean deep,
your kisses bring back sweet memories
Your walk is so electric, your body so divine;
your playful spirit makes me - reach the sky
You're turning dust to diamonds, you're turnin' sand to gold
You always, always leave me - craving for more

- Ooh Wee - your love is fantasy, an ancient memory: of lights that only we could see
Ooh Wee - lovin' you is extasy, the sweetest symphony: of the secret sighs only we could hear

Get it rihgt, rock the nignt, take a ride on a ray of light
Never giving up; till we reach the top - going all the way beyond delight

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