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357Police officers

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This is baseball` eatin` headbanging and beatin,
no lies no cheetin` no political shitin`,bass pressin`
your muscle,city force in da hustle,
drum beat is kickin` everybody is drinkin`...
brothers,sisters are screamin`
pure core no dreamin`,
sweet strobo distorsion come babe for orgy,
get ready go jumpin` ballheads now humpin`...
Blue lights in your room you are just waiting for boom;
put your hands on the wall we got emergency call;
intervention to mention we don`t get no suspention,
we are touching your life and we yell on your wife;
you are hairy and craisy;
you don`t smell like a daisy,
you got smile like a Ru Paul,
we are stickin` your asshole,
look at us see the gun-band we got cage...
Police officers....
Cuffs that`s my hobby in England I am Bobby,
Securitatea yeah don`t fuck with my idea
of a national security,
don`t doubt in our abillity to put you under justice
no need to discuss this...
we sing in local quire,we`ll feed you with a fire,
your blood will run slowly
`couse I like kickin lowly,
don`t drive without a belt,
first is bad for health,
we like Sadam Hussein
he influenced our brain,
left-right-left kick it
I`m showin` the floor and I want you to lick it,
police brutality in your fuckin` city,
time for slam you know who I am...
Police officers...

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