Abonos — Choir of an ancient kingdom — Tekstovi pjesama

Abonos: Choir of an ancient kingdom

Broj otvaranja: 801

Pevajući svoju elegiju
Jadikovanje mračnim carstvima
Jednom padoše nikad više
Vaskrsli hor drevnog kraljevstva

From the dark past, thy renewal
Has brought thou to thy ancient throne
Emblalmed in dust of years before
A thousand year curse has been sealed
Singing their funeral dirge
Lament for dark royalities
Once failed and never again
Followed by the choir of an ancient kingdom
Now rise, forever

Thou shall rise followed by ice wind and northern lightnings
Triarchy of souls, which will never find rest gathered in sin

Iz davne prošlosti
Na presto donosi
Usnula povorka
Hor drevnog kraljevstva
(Večno pevaju kroz noć)

Greeting thee to stand above them
To rule again, to plant thy seeds.

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