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Aktivna PropagandaPropaganda

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Propaganda makes world
go round and round
it spreads hate and torture
all over the ground.
It is the weapon of leaders
it is doom for the poor
brainwashing maschine
for mindless consumers.

PROPAGANDA - weapon of the leaders
TELEVISION - doom for the poor

You can ignore us
you can forbid us
you can frighten us
but you can't stop us!

Struggle for the good of all people
will continue untill we are all free!
United in the struglle shoulder by shoulder!
Long live our struggle!
Long live our victory!

Lahko nas ignorirate
lahko nam prepovedujete
lahko nas ustrahujete
a ustaviti nas ne morete!

Borba za dobro vseh ljudi se bo nadaljevala
dokler ne bomo svodobni vsi!
Združeni v borbi z ramo ob rami!
Živela naša borba!
Živela naša zmaga!

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