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Aktivna PropagandaState enemy

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You were born as a number
you didn't know much about anything
about the people around you
about the life you will go through!

Your childhood was a happy moment
you didn't realise the things to come!
Everything people did seemed right to you.
Everything people sad seemed right to you.

But when you grew up, you saw a different way
you saw torture, you saw pain
you saw death, you saw misery;
this is why you became state enemy!

State enemy - because you don't won't to listen!
State enemy - because you wanna fight for human rights!

Your life has changed through the night
you started to fight for human rights
you demonstrated fight with the police
all this because you want peace!
But NO, they don't realise
that you are fighting for humanity
But No, they don't realise
so they must accuse you of being state enemy!

We are all and we will always be - state enemies!

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