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Aleksander MežekShould I

Broj otvaranja: 2095

Should I cry,
Or should I lough
Or should I bother to decide?
Everything remains the same
Don't know the reason why.
Should I wish,
Or should I strive
Or should I even be?
Everything remains the same
Only sometimes changes for the worse.

Should I call
Upon you Jesus
Than at least you'd help me out?
I've seen you in the headlines
in now you're in the charts.
Do you know
That they are calling you a "SUPERSTAR"
With your love in peace in hair?
Don't you listen
To the questions of your fans?

I'm on myown -
Want, but don't know how
in all I've really got is life.
So I'll have fun with what I've got.

Not so long ago
I sat in read
The story of your life
in if all it says is truth
Then I've been missing out.
Things you showed in said in did
Are all so different
From the tales that I was told
By the people
Who put their words in your mouth.

Should I cry
Or hould I lough
Or should I bother to decide?

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