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Aleksander MežekSilence

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When golden light
To crimson colours Bled
And shadows snaked their path across the land
Then with a million silhouettes I blended
To watch the play
As old as time itself.

Her name is Silence
She's a daughter of the purest light
But long ago she was imprisoned
By the darkest Night
And so she vowed
To never speak again
Until she could escape from his domain.
And every time the light of day goes out
The dark mysterious cloak of Night
Descends on moonbeams to the ground
To spin the web of ever new designs
To somehow make the Silence break her vows.

He tempts with the magic velvet gowns
Embroidered by the galaxies of stars
And if a single word she'd speak to him
He'd give her everything
And make her queen.
But Silence born of purest light
Cannot be tempted by the Night
And so his impotence
The Night can hide no more.

His anger rips across the sky
His fury strikes with tongues of fire
But Silence shattered yet unbowed
Has found a single lonely heart
And though the deluge rains without
She'll sing the sweetest lullaby
Inside a dream.
Sweet dream.
Sweet dream
Good night.

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