Aleksander Mežek — Take These Hands — Tekst

Aleksander MežekTake These Hands

Broj otvaranja: 2005

I can take a simple brush
in make colours come alive
I can write down signs
That make up rhymes in songs
I can find a piece of clay
in mould it into shape
Make a thing of beauty
For those not yet born
I can play my guitar strings
in make them sing a tune for you
It may bring out tears
Or it may raise a smile
With these hins
I help the helpless
When their own hins are not strong
Then I turn around
in make a lover cry
Take these hins take these hins
Use them as you use your own
For without you I'm just someone I can't trust
Take these hins take these hins
Use the as you use your own
For I know you know me better than I do
Left to myself it was not easy
I knew what I should do
But could not follow through
The things I did were just to please me
So take these hins in do
Whatever's there that pleases you

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