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Aleksandra KovačA.K.'s Black Balls

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I don't believe
I've ever seen,
A man so fine,
Hey, where you've been

Can't deny,
You blow my mind,
Like a comet from the sky

Feel so high,
You super fly,
Sexy boy I love your smile

Closer now,
Let's break it down,
Man you are mine

It's true
I want you
I do

The girls say
The boys say

The way you walk,
The way you talk,
I love the way you make me Funk

You melt me down,
Like chocolate brown,
Hey, I wanna drink you up

Body lean,
Eyes hazel green,
You make my girls go...

Baby boy, you know it's true,
I do, wanna Funk you,
Yeah, I do

Wanna tell you now,
Just how I feel,
Cause the way you make me sing,
Can mean just one thing

That you're the one,
That makes me tick,
Hey sugar daddy,
Won't you be my everything

I wanna fly to the sky,
Where the angels sing your name,
Up in the clouds, I can reach all the stars

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