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Aleksandra KovačC'Mon Boy

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I wanna tell you a story 'bout this shorty, hot on fire,
I met him just the other night

Came into the club with all my girls, feeling tired
Of the same old sheet I get from every other guy

But then he came up to me
Look me deep in the eye
Body moving in rhythm
"You dance alright"

His hands up my thigh
His body real close to mine
With no time to loose
So all I could say was

C'Mon Boy
Won't you give it to me, right now
C'Mon Girl
I wanna give it to you, all night

So he said:
"I wanna see you dance all night
You put my soul on fire
Baby I wanna make you scream out loud"
Tell your boys to move along
We're staying after hours
Take a sip from my lips and you'll be alright

"Won't you come home with me
There is s much to see
I'll be the rain for your fire"
Boy I need you tonight
Make this woman come alive
We'll be rocking 'till the morning comes
Let me hear you say yeah

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