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Aleksandra KovačLove Operator

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I try to be your girl,
I try to fill your world,
With everything I've got

You try to be the man,
But I should understand,
That you don't love me no more

Just a quick goodbye,
A peck on the cheek and
I know I'm loosing you

Just be the man you are,
And look me in the eye,
I deserve that much from you

I remember a time when you kissed me,
Gentle breeze, running wild, we were happy,
But those days are gone forever

I'm calling the love operator,
Can you help somehow,
My baby is gone,
Can you give me something strong tonight,
I need to feel free,
Like the wind that used to carry me

I'm calling the love operator,
Bring my baby home,
He's all that I've got,
I can't live a day without his song,
I need to feel free,
Like the wind that used to carry me

My mamma told me:
"Girl, don't trust him,
You'll be fooled,
He'll break your heart in two"

But mamma, you don't know,
His love was pure as gold,
Sweet loving felt so good

He'd tell me we would fly,
High up in the sky,
I believed in every word

Those lips could tell no lie,
I thought that I would die,
His lies became my truth

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