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Aleksandra KovačRemembering Love

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You came to me tonight
When your heart was crying
In need of bitter love
The pain and joy united
Hearts were beating fast
Two people were remembering love

My heart sang all the songs
I thought were long forgotten
Your hands, my hips, my things
The tie was never broken
Come to me and stay
Don't ever walk away again

Our love free like a bird
High in the sky
Learning to fly again
Sweet love founds us again
Now here to stay
Don't ever let go
Real slow, take me in your arms

You talk of different things
What your life has been like
A wife, two kids, a home
To keep you safe from harm
Some thirty years ago
We said goodbye to love

But now, you're here with me
Life seems to be
A wonderful work of art
Be still my beating heart
A brand new start
Learning to fly again

Was this kist a dream?
It can not be...
Is this really happening?
Was I imagining?
We were never here
I was just remembering love

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