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AzurethBeing Alive

Broj otvaranja: 216

Verse 1

What is being alive ?
To know what we can not
To see, what we should not have seen
To penetrate the deepest depths
And live to tell, the tale

Verse 2

What path then should we take ?
A long and winding road
Through paths of bumpy rock and stone
Or gentle roads of light bereft
That pacify, only the blind


Am I worthy of bliss
To be wrapped in your wings like this
My soul begins to shine

Our mind, what is it for
If not to ponder, to explore
To seek what is beyond the other side

Guitar Solo


The pain of wisdom
Becons us all
The price of ignorance
Lurks in it's call


Being Alive is an Ocean of questions
Being Alive is divine intervention
Being Alive is the Mother of Mysteries

Synth Solo

Being Alive is a natural progression
Being Alive is our path to redemption
Being Alive is the Maker of History

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