Azureth — Shadow of a Man II — Tekst

AzurethShadow of a Man II

Broj otvaranja: 426

-verse 1
I, could not understand
that a shadow of a man
is this thing I've come to be

-Verse 2
I, must believe again
in that lonely voice within
calling out for me to lead

is it the end or the beginning ?
what shall I do, till my time comes ?
my destiny awaits fulfilling
must carry on so I'll be free...

Organ/Bass Break

-verse 3
Why did I shun this bliss
my whole life was wrought with strife
this was one more trial for me

-Verse 4
Why, did it come to this
at the crossroads of my life
is a path I did not see

Peace lies ahead, must start this journey
the road is clear, waiting for me
I must prevail, my soul is yearning
to find out my, reason to be...

-Piano piece and TPS II

-4/4 Rounder breakout
And when the moment comes
will we be there
to seize the day*
and when the time draws near
together we'll triumph,
in building, a brand new day

counter melody
onwards, upwards, rise above
to the sky we set our goals

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