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Cash Money And MarvelousUgly People Be Quiet

Broj otvaranja: 2000

All the ugly people be quiet!
But before we get this party started right
Hey Cash! [Tell the people what you're the king of]

Just clap your hands, just make your hands clap
To Marvelous the mic marvel, dictator of rap
Get on the dancefloor, let me see what you got
Cos the sound we're throwin' down it makes you wanna rock, ha
Hurby Luv supplying the beat
They make my rhymes sound fresher to the highest peak
A-check it out, check it out, get down
A wild style form of rap, my dazzling sound
The style I'm reciting, just reciting my style
The double words, words double but I call it wild
So girl just keep grabbing, keep grabbing my tip
Long as the money's flowin' everything is legit
Cos my rhyme is on time, on time is my rhyme
Already on top, ain't no need to climb
And to the bone, he shocked the record down to the bone
Call him Cash Cash Money but his name is Jerome
The green-eyed brother, brother with the green eyes
He shakes your booty, boom shaker from 9 to 5
So listen to this tune, don't knock it till you try it
People, ugly ugly people, will you please be quiet

This is a hard rocker that will rock your house
Turn up your radio and stereo and check it out
It's crazy wild and illy, bang boomin' your butt
My name is Marvin call me Marv the wacky Marvelous nut
The raving rhyme roller, rock roller that rolls
Gettin' laid, stayin' paid so you know that I'm cool
The stunning smashing super, super serious sound
The devastating death defying dictator who's down
The mighty hard rocker who's rocking your butt
And everybody check him out, Cash Money's on the cut

Boy, I'm rough and I'm tough, never pullin' your bluff
I'll turn a hard rock heckler to a cream puff
Got rhymes and rhymes, gettin' better with time
Hit so many def lines you have to rewind
Play it back, listen, observe my rap
Cos my lyrics are strong, and it's like that
In Philly down the way, hard rockin' alone
Marvelous and Cash Money, Marv and Jerome
We make your party hearty and say [La-di-da-di]

Bass boomin', bass boomin' but I'm not done yet
Gonna make it real funky on your def cassette
My mic is sweatin' with steam, when I hear the crowd scream
People, ugly ugly people is the name and the theme
I'm the microphone master, money makin' man
And I got more rock than Bon Jovi's band
Cash constantly controls, corresponds the mix
He's my homey, he's my DJ, he's my sidekick
So as you listen to this tune, don't knock it till you try it
People, ugly ugly people, will you please be quiet

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