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Cypress Hill & FunkdubiestWopbabalubop

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If I drop them dogs a broke nose gets clubed
then I crack that jaw cause you know I get raw
I remember when I used to sit on the see saw
now I just shoot em up shoot em up dog
ya better stand clear cause I show no fear
when I hit you with the baseball bat in the air
its gonna be on when the shit goes down
so you better be ready clown
I cock that hammer then I pull that trigger
better run quick cause I'll put the hole right in ya
look what I gave ya the ill behavior
Funkdoobiest got the 31 flavors
Smoka chocolate the number 1 toke up
play your punk ass like a hand in poker
hearts, clovers, diamonds, shrooms
wopbabalubop balap bam boom

Who the funk do you think you are?
I got the funk blasting out your car
now what the funk are you gonna do?
I'll funk your ass up with my Funkdoobie crew
here comes the Son, but not the ruler
it's the dooler, sippin on the wine cooler
we hit the cronic well aint that ironic
thats why they call us the Doobies
cause we give the porno flicks to do us a floosey
drop the panties and give up the booty
I think I'll pass, she's got the coodies
so we get the funk on to find us a groupie
you tell the hope, they're aint nottin like a doobie
groovy, as I funk up the room
Wopbabalubop balap bam boom

I generate power, devower cowards in an hour
whos got the funeral flowers
I cut like a sickle, so fuck a Don Rickles
I'm flavored like pickles, I killed for a nickel
so watcha telling me there aint no Melanie
just check out check out um check out my melody
handle the vandal, caught in the scandal
hands will lift when I sing soprano
flavors what I kick, I'm strong like a viking
call me a psycic, but Mikey says he likes it
I pump the ill disco, I'm out like a missile
who blow the whistle, I blast like a pistol
kapow boom, so give me some room
as I Wopbabalubop balap bam boom

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