Dirty Rotten Imbeciles — Manifest Destiny — Tekst

Dirty Rotten ImbecilesManifest Destiny

Broj otvaranja: 1548

manifest destiny
more blood on the hand of christ
they called themselves christians
and gave themselves the rights
disguised as missionaries
they were really after gold
many indians died for that
how many's never told
manifest destiny
manifest destiny
forever moving onward
said they were guided from above
actually driven by hate
disguised as love
but all their false love
can't disguise true hate
and the racist diplomacy
of the church and the state
manifest destiny
manifest destiny
the church must be rich
with all that gold
but they'll never return
all that they stole
it sits in a vault
built just for gold
and there it will sit forever
because it never gets old
manifest destiny
manifest destiny

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