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Dragana MirkovićRed Ferrari

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Yo, meeting me at
eight o'clock tonight
and I'm telling you
you won't be sorry

Nothing is better
than a sight
of you, driving off
in your Ferrari

You can tell me
that you love me
or never say a word
I just don't care

It's allright
'cause what I like
when we're in your
Ferrari people stare

Big deal, you and me
no romance, you
don't know fantasy

So what's the reason
that we are together
it's in your wheel

Your car, your red Ferrari
knocks me out
it knocks me out
your car, that's what
our love is all about
it knocks me out
step on it baby, your
red Ferrari turns me on

It's tough of you to
show me your machine
I'm coming out it
slowly, steady

So, disco shoots
already looks to me
getting on the move
you know I am ready now

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