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Drito konjKate Nash

Broj otvaranja: 1677

Cannot move kate nash
It is in use by another person or program

Oh dear kate, it may seem i'm kinda late
But trust me, i know, with me you wanna be, so let it show
You stare at me from google, but you never say a word
Communication, remember? i'm sure of that you've heard

You should speak to me and
Together we should be
Coz london or whatever ain't that far
You should cum on over here and you
Should be forever near
That way i wouldn't be in fear
Of the system message
That is putting us apart

Cannot move kate nash
It is in use by another person or program
Cannot move kate nash
Cannot be moved

Oh dear kate just to let you know
At 1st you just annoyed me, you were irritating so
But as television raped me with your videos so much
I was forced to get acquainted with your life and work and such

Now your accent sounds cute
When listening, i'm a cake of fruit
And definitely we should meet
With you i truly am amazed
Not confuzed but really dazed
I even downloaded your album from teh torrentz
Oh yes, I did

And you sound like this

They call you a middleclass twat on the youtube
Wtf does that even mean?
I really like your freckles
And all the weird shit you put on yourself
And i'm sorry about this last bit, I smoke a lot

So come on, kate nash
It's time you stop being only in my computer
So move your ass, kate nash
Years ain't gonna make you any cuter

The plan is that you get on a plane
But be careful, don't let it be an airbus
You land down in this countrytown of mine
I'm waiting and we meet
You sing to my heartbeat

(you'd sing to my heartbeat)

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