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Drito konjTravel

Broj otvaranja: 1747

How much time would it take to really soothe?
What is this we like to show our friends, our youth?
Selfish, selfless
Changed by time
Rested, weary
Presumably sublime

So we

So we travel
Through the scenaries of soul
What we often find
We don't want to know
We don't want to see at all
At all

How much do we really loathe ourselves in fear of us
What is this we tell ourselves to think it's alright?
Neverending is this road
So bend your spine and come aboard

Will we

Will we travel through the
Paths we already know
Will we let despair once again replace
This ever deceiving and never dying hope

There aren't any meadows of sunshine over here
So how are we to know anything?
Let's pretend that we conjure
And we travel

So we travel
So we
So we travel
So We

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