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Electro Team - ETDo ya think I'm sexy?

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I'm a sexy brotha with the master plan,
the lady want resist me, but baby, no you can't.
you trip into my house, take a dip in the pool, ha
wine and dine by the fire in the moonlight.
we drink, we swing to the limbo,
I treat you like a pimp 'cause you're my bimbo,
ho-ho, now word to your motha,
another sexy brotha with a charm, and I gotta be down
with a hoe, skeezer and a lady,
so c'mon, don't give me no "maybe",
'cause I know and you know, you wanna get with me
don't hesitate baby, now hit me.

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy
c'mon sugar let me know
If you really need me, just reach out and touch me
c'mon honey tell me so, tell me so baby.

leave me alone, I know I dress fancy,
you dis' me at home, on the phone 'cuz I'm sexy,
I got body so sweet, solid as a rock,
I ain't a looser cursed with a bad luck.
get down to the rhythm of the boogie the beat
I leave you breathless in da street,
'cause my benz flows smooth and easy,
hoes put titties on the glass just to tease me.
I am Boytronic, now in command,
a sexy mothafucka with a mic in my hand,
no difference, sixtynine, doggy style,
when I operate it's so phenomenal.

the ladies LOVE love way I move on the dance floor,
they wanna touch me, so I never get bored,
I'm impregnable, yes that is mine skill,
known as the man with the tool so right to drill.
one, two, check it, like an intro,
but when it comes to sex I'm maestro,
clean and nasty, mean and sexy,
I can do it on a bed or on the back seat.
I love it, this ain't cheap thrills,
got illusion better than Copperfield,
you can't reject me, baby now shake me,
I'm all yours, undressed, so take me

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