Loš primjer — Afraid of silence — Tekst

Loš primjerAfraid of silence

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in my head everything is going down
i see their dark, their black heart
i don't see any lights, everything is silence
falling down, i need a rescuer from dark hole
where i can't go back, where i have someone to save
but i can't catch the universe
but i see only one star light in my dark sky
but i am afraid of you, of your bright, your shine
where i can feel heat of my heart
that star is you but with you i don't hear silence
then i must to find your voice in dark silence
i don't see any birds, any trees, i don't have any feels
only your voice i can hear everything else is silence
come here see me, then i can see, i can speak
now i hear only silence
please come here and stop that fear
i am afraid of silence, i am afraid of their dark heart
i am afraid of their silence, i am afraid of silence
now i hear melodies now i see joy of life
like i heard and saw before, i am free with you

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