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Loš primjerSilence

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hey beautiful you steal all my dreams but that washed away all my fears
and my lands are not empty anymore you've opened me a thousand other doors
i'm not sleeping cause i feel that my scars beginning to heal
where i got that scars ? from emptiness - searching for happiness
suddenly all stars has disappeared from my galaxy
they are there but i don't want to see how the brightest one burn out
oh can I turn on the light or you still burning in other sky
not near to mine, your light still shine, that's not hurting
i just need to know do you remember then i can go to hunt back my dreams
does your heart surely tell what is right
does he know that we don't need to lose this fight
cause i am your warrior, now hold me tight
i can brake great rocks but also I can be torned apart
do you really think that nothing left behind
and all remains live just in your mind
maybe is easy to erase my face but i'm still here - still feel
start to scream, my ears will hear just melodies
i will know that you are here, far or near, love word or swear
i don't care, just stop this silence, its never endless
truth words or fairytales - who cares when all is silence
for me it's never endless, i hate this silence please quit this silence

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