Severina — My high heel — Tekst

SeverinaMy high heel

Broj otvaranja: 1960

Where the grass does not grow
My high heel just stood so
Come, come, hop, hop
Come on my chicken

Tic tac round half three
You'll pinch me where they can't see
I know well the likes of you
Devil's pals, and that's true

Ring, ring, You'll ask for my number
Knock, knock, go knocking to another
Sprightly girlie, go wear
Little socks

Ojda da, oj da da, oj da da da
Sssss sex
Hop, hop, mrk, mrk

Yeah yes, yeah yes yes, yeah yes yes yes
Sssss sex
Hop, hop, screw screw
Šu, šu, go to another

Whoopsy, Whoopsy, zumba, zumba
Hay, reed, cheese, salami
red beet grew, red beet grew
Afrika paprika
Golden ring, thin moustache

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