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The Love you Should Cherish

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Trying so hard,
hoping so much,
giving up the day
I die,
Giving up hurts the most.
I lost myself, don't
know what to do,
Don't know what to say.
Sometimes things are meant to be,
If nothing will be,
Why bother?
If it was not meant to be,
Why do I still keep trying?
Something inside keeps me trying,
And hoping you would do the
same if you were me.
Something about you,
Keeps me trying.

I keep dying,
Until you are in my hands again.

There must be a reason
you changed my life,
There must be a reason
I keep trying.
There must be a reason you
are still on my mind,
There must be a reason
I lost myself,
During the days I do not have you.

To hold,
To kiss,
To cherish,
To love you,
Is heaven here on Earth.

To miss,
To lose,
To live without you,
Is hell here on Earth.

The day I stop trying,
Is the day I shall parish.

This LOVE I can't lose,
This LOVE that keeps me alive,
This LOVE that I should cherish,
This LOVE that YOU should cherish.

This LOVE keeps me trying...

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