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Tom Jones24 Hours

Broj otvaranja: 1301

Salty skin on my body
Sweated pores like rain
I can feel the attack
But I'm known to pain

The cold is creeping in
And it chills my veins
I've got one more minute
24 hours to go

No redemption in my heart
No illusions owned for start
What I did I can't take back
There's no use in wishing that

The bell is ringing now
And the clock counts down
I got one more minute
24 hours to go

Angels won't help me now
This fate is all mine
Darkness is fading out
And so is my time

Hear the footsteps at my door
I don't struggle anymore
As I take my final breath
I don't feel what lies ahead

I'm leaving to a place
Where I'll see your face
I had one more minute
And 24 hours ago

One more minute
24 hours ago

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